Enterprise Class Backup as a Service

ProtectCloud, developed by Hayes, is a cutting-edge Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering that provides flexible, secure, and cost-effective enterprise-class backup, archival, and long-term storage retention capabilities. With ProtectCloud, organizations can achieve compliance, mitigate risks of ransomware and data viability threats, and tightly control costs.

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Hayes Protect Cloud

What Sets Hayes Apart from Other Cloud Solutions

Enterprise class disaster recovery and high availability

What sets ProtectCloud apart is its unmatched flexibility. It can be deployed on-premise and seamlessly integrated with Hayes Private/Hybrid Cloud and public cloud providers such as AWS, giving organizations the freedom to choose the deployment model that best suits their needs and infrastructure.

Security is included with ProtectCloud. It employs robust encryption, role-based access controls, and comprehensive compliance features to ensure data remains protected. By adhering to industry-leading security practices, ProtectCloud helps organizations mitigate risks associated with data breaches and the growing threat of ransomware attacks.

ProtectCloud offers enterprise-class backup and archival capabilities through strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

ProtectCloud’s availability on multiple state and federal contracts, including the NASPO contract, makes it a trusted solution for public sector entities seeking compliant data management. It is leveraged by one of the largest state governments in the US, major hospital systems, and commercial and government entities of all sizes and requirements. ProtectCloud enables organizations to ensure scalability, redundancy, and data availability and adhere to industry regulations, safeguard sensitive information, and tightly control costs.

Hayes offers comprehensive support and deployment services to ensure a seamless implementation of ProtectCloud. Their team of experts assists organizations from initial planning and configuration to ongoing monitoring and maintenance, guaranteeing a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to organizational operations.

ProtectCloud by Hayes is a unique enterprise class Backup as a Service solution. Its flexibility, security features, and cost-effective nature make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking reliable data management. With the ability to achieve compliance, mitigate risks, and tightly control costs, ProtectCloud stands out from the competition. Regardless of industry, ProtectCloud is the trusted solution for safeguarding valuable data.

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