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Hayes Network as a Service (NaaS)

Hayes unique combination of offerings and services provides a comprehensive, flexible, and secure networking solution that is cost-effective and backed by round-the-clock support. This makes them a strong competitor in the networking solutions market.

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Hayes Network as a Service (NaaS)

Hayes' unique combination of flexible networking solutions, robust security features, NASPO contract vehicle, and round-the-clock support differentiates the service in the market in several ways.

Comprehensive Networking Solutions

Hayes offers a wide range of networking solutions, including Network as a Service (NaaS) and Wireless as a Service (WaaS). This allows clients to choose the services that best fit their needs, providing a tailored solution rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Flexible Management Options

Hayes offers the flexibility of full management by either their team or the client. This means that clients can choose to manage their network themselves or let Hayes handle it, providing a level of flexibility that many other providers do not offer.

Robust Security Features

Leveraging technologies from HPE Aruba and Juniper Networks, Hayes provides advanced management and security capacities including Aruba's Clearpass. This ensures that clients' networks are secure and well-managed.

NASPO Contract

All Hayes solutions are on a NASPO contract making Hayes' solutions ideal for government and educational customers. This contracting allows entities to procure Hayes' services at advantageous pricing and terms, making them a preferred choice for these sectors.

Demand-Based Consumption Model

Hayes allows clients to take advantage of a demand-based consumption model, exclusively utilizing operational budgets for procurement. This includes covering infrastructure, software, licensing, deployment, and support, making it a cost-effective solution for many organizations.

24/7 Support Center

Hayes operates a 24/7 Support Center, ensuring that clients have access to help whenever they need it. This level of support can be crucial for entities that operate around the clock and need immediate assistance with any issues that arise.

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